The OrchestratedBEER and ShipCompliant Integration

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We have been working with our buddies at OrchestratedBEER to make your lives easier. OrchestratedBEER is an industry leader in brewery management software. They help breweries with everything from planning and scheduling your brews to managing your sales, invoices, and accounting.

orchestrated beer and shipcompliantOrchestratedBEER and ShipCompliant have a shared purpose. We strive to simplify our customer’s processes, so you can focus on what you’re passionate about — brewing your next masterpiece and sharing it with the world.

Through this integration, we’re combining OrchestratedBEER’s invoicing and production capabilities with ShipCompliant’s reporting and registration tools.

We plan to release the integration in phases, focusing on the most valuable features first. Currently, we’re working on the first phase, which will allow OrchestratedBEER clients to transmit distributor AR invoices and credit memos to ShipCompliant automatically. As you complete your normal invoicing workflow, the distributor invoices will be created in ShipCompliant at the same time they are created in OrchestratedBEER. After the month ends and it’s time to report on these shipments, all of your invoice data will exist in ShipCompliant, ready to populate on the submission-ready state distributor reports. We’re excited about this integration because it automates the process of exporting invoice data and re-importing it to ShipCompliant, which saves you, our customer, valuable time.

Brewing an exciting new product that needs to be registered? In future phases, this powerful integration will enable the syncing of products and distributors from OrchestratedBEER to ShipCompliant, so your products are ready to register when you are.

Transmit distributor invoices and credit memos automatically, and sync your products and distributors.
Find out more about the OrchestratedBEER integration here >>

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