Approved by TTB, Palcohol Battle Shifts to States

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As mostly expected, TTB approved labels for the sale of powdered alcohol. The approval of “Palcohol” labels was announced yesterday by TTB spokesman Tom Hogue speaking to The Associated Press.

Lipsmark, the owner of the Palcohol brand, announced the label approvals on its website yesterday: “The TTB approved Palcohol today — finally! It is now legal to be sold in the United States. We will be working on getting the production facility up and running. It will take a while but hopefully it will be available this summer.”

As you may recall, TTB originally gave approval to Palcohol labels on April 8, 2014, then accepted the surrender of the label approvals based on a technicality 13 days later stating, “Those label approvals were issued in error and have since been surrendered.”

powdered-alcohol-palcohol“Palcohol,“ developed by Lipsmark, is a freeze-dried version of vodka, rum, and three cocktails that possess the same alcohol content of a standard drink when added to the proper amount of water.

Since the surrender of the original labels on April 21, 2014, the states of Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, South Carolina, Colorado, and Vermont have passed legislation banning Palcohol as well as other forms of powdered alcohol. Washington, on the other hand, is moving to allow powdered alcohol via legislation that passed unanimously through the Senate. Several other states are currently considering legislation banning Palcohol.

Lipsmark has made a spirited defense of their much-criticized product and promises to work to get approval for the product at the state level now. On top of the states that have banned powdered alcohol specifically through legislation, Palcohol will also have to get approved by each of the state ABCs that require products to be registered with the agency.

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