Write for Wine Blogs about Lipstick On A Pig Wines

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Write for Wine is the latest to blog about our exciting and provocative new wines, Lipstick On A Pig.  Here is an excerpt:


Yes, it’s true. The expression “Lipstick on a Pig,” which has recently risen from occasional use to the subject of political debate, has gone one step further. From chatter at the water cooler to the wine cooler, people are talking about ”Lipstick on a Pig” wines.

There are four varietals of the wine and each one is available with a red or blue label. The wine will be released on Oct. 1, about a month before the U.S. election, so it’s promoted as a way for wine enthusiasts to “vote” their opinions with their palate.

Thanks to Write for Wine for the mention.  You can read the whole article here




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