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Chateau Maris on Bloomberg Television

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Kevin Parker discussing Chateau Maris on Bloomberg Television

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TTB Streamlines the Label Approval Process

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The TTB has made the process of getting  label approvals for wine a bit easier.  After conferring with industry experts and a lengthy public comment period, the TTB has changed some of the rules and streamlined the application.

Read more at http://www.winesandvines.com/template.cfm?section=news&content=102556&htitle=Wine%20Label%20Approvals%20Streamlined&


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Private Label Vodka, Single Malt, Cognac added to Convivium Brands Store

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April 10, 2012

Convivium Brands has added Private Label Spirits to our store.Convivium Vodka

"We have found some very good sources and distillers that can work on projects with our clients from conception through formulation and finally to finished, bottled product," writes Steve Seltzer, CEO of Convivium Brands.  "Our distillery partners are located in the US and France, and range from small artisinal distilleries to larger-scale production facilities.  These sources allow a wide range of packaging options, including minis for hotel in-room bars and airline service, PET plastic bottles, as well as specialized distillates such as Organic spirits and botanicals.  We can scale production to fit a multitude of needs."

Among our offerings are export-ready American vodkas, priced for direct sale to China and other countries.

To view our new private label spirits offerings, click here.

Convivium Brands offers services to help you achieve your finished brand, including project management, graphic design, marketing plans, profit and loss, budgets, logistics, fulfillment and consultation.

For more information please contact us at spirits@conviviumbrands.com

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Bordeaux, Malbec, Torrontes and Moscato: Convivium Brands' Newest Private Label Wines

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The Andes, Mendoza, ArgentinaConvivium Brands CEO Steve Seltzer has found some amazing sources for great-value private label wines in Bordeaux, France and Mendoza, Argentina.

"There are still good values to be found in Argentina, and some responsive and aggressive wineries are more than meeting us halfway.  We have been offered some exceptional wines in a range of prices, from entry-level to Grand Reserva. "

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New York State Mega Wine Wholesalers Support At-Rest Bill that would Hurt Small Distributors

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NY State's largest distributors are supporting a bill that would amend the New York State Alcoholic Beverage Control laws to include an "AT-REST" provision that would make all out-of-state suppliers and distributors shipping wine into New York State store the wine for 48 hours in a facility within the state before it can be delivered to the retail store or restaurant. This would cripple small distributors and raise the cost of all wines, as well as lessen the choices given to consumers.

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Convivium Brands Works New Jersey : 16 accounts in 32 Hours

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Convivium Brands CEO Steve Seltzer visited 16 New Jersey retail stores in a little less than a day and a half on February 16th and 17th.  The visits were commissioned by a private label wine supplier that was interested in seeing how the wines were being embraced by sales staff in the stores, as well as how effective the merchandising and point of sale were.

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Convivium Brands Tapped to Source Fine Wine & Spirits For China Distributors

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Chinese FlagConvivium Brands has been picked to put together a portfolio of wines and spirits for distributors in China.  With our extensive contacts in wine regions World-Wide, we have assembled a compelling assortment of wines and spirits from all regions in a wide range of price points.

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REthink Wine Blog

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Powering the Wine Revolution

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On-Demand Wine and Spirits Sales and Marketing

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On-Demand Sales and Marketing

Convivium Brands can  save you money with our On-Demand Sales and Marketing program, while allowing you to focus your resources towards achieving your 2014 goals.

Whether it is a market blitz to bump sales, re-visiting accounts that haven't bought your wine this year, meeting with your distributor or attending a portfolio tasting, we can provide you with a presence in the market at a fraction of the cost you would spend doing it yourself.

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Dear Valued Client,

Client support and education has always been at the heart of our mission here at...

1.  Start planning your holiday newsletter timeline and assemble newsletters now while you have time.
2.   Be sure to test your newsletters. Create (free) email addresses for yourself in hotmail, gmail, and...


Inertia Beverage Group is pleased to announce a special wine...

There’s been a lot of talk about the current state of the economy and how it effects the wine industry.

I just finished reading an entertaining book, Breaking the Slump by Jimmy Roberts.  Roberts is a sports reporter for ESPN, ABC, and NBC.  The book is specifically about golf, but the lessons learned from the dozen or...

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